About Me

Hello, my name is Chase Williams and welcome to my webpage. I've been playing games since a very young age, this is what prompted me to get into programming in High School when I was around 15. I started with Visual Basic and BASIC, moving into completely redesigning my schools website. This prompted me going to college at Shawnee State University where I would achieve a Bachelor's of Science in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology (video game programming). I played on my schools varsity E-Sports team for League of Legends, where I would go on to win MVP one split. Currently, I work as a Computer Automation Engineer at Cleveland Cliffs Steel in Middletown Ohio, starting in October of 2019 when I moved here from Peebles.

Currently I enjoy playing League of legends, Muck, Overwatch, and Assetto Corsa. I also enjoy playing D&D on the weekend, and collecting Pokemon cards! In my free time, I am currently working on trying to finish my game and launch it on Steam by the end of the year. I'm an avid car enthusiast, and really enjoy mustangs!

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